We study and understand the behavior and expectations of all generations: silver, baby boomers, X and millennials. Our service offerings help you build new business areas, build brand awareness and sales.


Everything starts with the question: who do we do it for? We know how to create value for people. We know what delights, stimulates thinking, solves the problem.

Media planning

We help clients select the right set of channels and marketing resources for the campaign, so that we can achieve unique conversion rates on the Polish market.


We create comprehensive mobile solutions. We know that mobile generates other ways to use the tools and opens up a new path of solutions. We react to specific needs and expand our current communication with mobile.


We help our clients with a full range of services: from social media presence strategies, leading profiles and creating dedicated video content to monitoring and insight, customer service and moderation.


We can create advertising campaigns across all communication channels.

Video production

Our idea is “mobile only”.


We spark the change. We know that digital is not a story about technology, but about changing people’s behavior in new, technological reality. Consumers have higher requirements and bigger choice. They look differently. They decide differently. They buy differently. We know how.

Brand image

We know how to manage a brand image across all communication channels.