Dodano: May 15th, 2017

Poles are increasingly willing to switch to plant-based diet. It’s because vegetarian products are now more accessible. They also taste better. We have been running market observations and research for several months. They show that the Millennials in Poland most often choose to go vegetarian for ideological reasons, not because they don’t like meat. This is one of the most frequently repeated myths about vegetarians – commented Karolina Liberka, Business Development Deputy Director of Feno marketing agency, in an interview with

Our analysis points out that vegetarians who use meat replacers pay close attention to where the products come from. They emphasize that they are not interested in, for example, vegetarian sausages made in the same plant as meat products. Vegetarianism is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle and a set of values. There’s no place here for brands’ double standards – adds Karolina Liberka. She points out that the growing interest in vegetarianism has already been discovered some time ago by large retailers which are expanding their vegetarian offer. For example, Lidl regularly checks the popularity of such products during its thematic weeks. A few months ago we watched social media battle in which customers fought to get one week dedicated to a vegetarian diet. It can be seen that the network is listening to its consumers because the following week some products have been permanently included in the offer. It is also worth noting that the plant section is now filled with vegan products, which until now were definitely at the very end of the chain – adds Karolina Liberka.

Variety of vegetable products, bad PR of meat, as well as the increasing consumer knowledge of the vegetable cuisine (thanks to numerous culinary programs) created a real boom for the semi-vegetarian diet in Poland. Ideologically, semi-vegetarianism has nothing to do with vegetarianism. It’s a diet that significantly limits meat intake but allows it. It was created by nutritionists for health reasons. The semi-vegetarian are very eager to reach out to plant-based diet products. In the near future, they will be the group at which the communication related to vegetarian, eco and health products should be directed. All our reports on vegans and vegetarians indicate that they are aware that the diet needs to be balanced.

They ask which vegetables are the most rich in ingredients that they might lack. Thanks to our analysis we know what vegans and vegetarians are interested in, and what kind of novelties they expect from the market, also in the category of natural supplements. It is rare for them to change to a new way of eating overnight, without looking for additional information on it before. On the vegan and vegetarian groups we are analyzing, there are a lot of threads about beginnings of diet, deficiencies or possible risks. Brands which target this group should definitely consider this consumer demand for information in their communication. Vast majority of people choose to exclude meat during the summer when we have access to fresh fruit and vegetables – adds Karolina Liberka.


Originally published in Portal Spożywczy.