Dodano: May 15th, 2017

To continually increase sales or at least maintain it at the same level, one has to be up to date with the latest e-commerce trends. As one of the e-commerce channels, Facebook is committed to making their advertising products more responsive to advertisers and users. In this article I will present the latest news which appeared on Facebook, worth using in building sales.


Before I start the main part of the article, it is worth to recall the latest data for Q4 2016. Facebook in Poland already has more than 15 million active users every month, 73% of which return daily.


The basic step before you start selling via Facebook is to properly pixelate the page. Pixels allow you to gather information about traffic, viewed products, and the most important information – sales and sales value. We’ll set up a campaign optimized to sell products on an external site in the company manager or power editor by selecting the “conversions” goal.

The basic advertising formats for sales are Page Post Link or Carousel – both formats target the landing page after clicking.


1. Store section – a new feature introduced gradually into the fanpage. Thanks to the store section you can mark products available in your offer directly on the post. Store is a solution that perfectly fits into fashion brands.

Marked products appear under the post in the form of mini carousel with the most important information about them. Image sessions enriched with a sales message can have a significant impact on increasing return on investment for reach and image campaigns. Additionally, Facebook is testing Instagram’s shopping option among selected advertisers – it is similar to the one described above. A preview of the activity of the Instagram store section can be found here:


Kate Spade from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

2. Lead ads available on Instagram – lead ad allow you to collect information (i.e. email, phone number, etc.) that can be used to build internal databases, which should translate into increased sales and reaching new users (lookalike). According to Facebook, the lead ad extension with additional placement allows for 45% coverage expansion and a 50% reduction in acquisition cost. Such results are a good reason to start testing this placement if your brand gains contacts in this way.

3. Split test – an option that was long missing on Facebook. Split test is the ability to conduct A / B tests within one target group. This is an element that can help marketers create better sales creations, tailored to their target audience. Facebook is a dynamic platform and is constantly developing its solutions. To keep up to date, you may want to browse the industry portals as well as the official Facebook blog where you can find out what’s new in the platform. In addition, I recommend visiting → page. Here you will find a lot of data and inspiration straight from the Facebook research department.


Originally published in Nowy Marketing