Sales campaign for WizzAir


The campaign was designed to sell as many tickets as possible through the ads offered by Facebook.


The idea for the sales campaign was based on using the maximum potential of tools provided by Facebook. The campaign was targeted at the customers who were most likely to be interested in a specific WizzAir offer.


After testing, we chose the two best clickable and converting types of ads: Page Post Link and Carousel. The first type proved to be the most effective in terms of unit costs and generating airline tickets sales. Carousel advertising has allowed the consumers to decide about the air travel destination before moving on to the website. After clicking on the ad, the user was redirected to the page with the flight route of their choice. The campaign was targeting ads to fixed and potential customers, taking into account similarities of interest and reaction. The campaign measurement tool were the conversion pixels. They allowed us to continually analyze the behavior of our visitors after moving to the site where the purchase of an air ticket was possible.


We reached over 108 000 000 users during our campaign. With carefully selected advertising formats, fixed and potential WizzAir customers have made 350 000 purchase conversions.