Campaign “#GiveRed” for DKMS Foundation


In addition to increasing the number of registrations in the base of potential donors of bone marrow and stem cells, the goal of the campaign was, increasing awareness of the Foundation’s existence, generating internet buzz and user interest.


Our message was based on focusing the attention of the audience on the gesture of giving, which is an integral part of the various feasts. We divided the campaign into two phases. We organized an ambient campaign in the context of Christmas, and later on Valentine’s Day. The campaign was supported by communication in social media and by the bloggers.



Ambient activities were the starting point for internet activities. In the pre-Christmas period, people in Warsaw could meet white Santas. They were giving life to each Santa Claus by coloring them red. On Valentine’s day, the hearts needed the red color. This time, too, the passers-by helped the hearts get their vivid red color back.


Engaging bloggers in the #DajCzerwone campaign increased the reach of the communication. They aroused their fans’ interest not only on blogs, but also on Facebook and Instagram. During the pre-Christmas period, they published information along with pictures. First, the pictures were kept in white tones, then red elements were added. For Valentine’s Day, bloggers received direct mail as a Valentine’s Day card. Their task was to hand-color their hearts and show their fans.


The characteristic feature of Facebook and Instagram communication were the posts with white graphics that lacked red color. After two days the graphics were enriched by red color, which clearly added life. Users could visualize how little was needed to help save lives.


Ads were displayed more than 3.2 million times and reached over 1.8 million users! “Daj Czerwone” campaign has enormous potential which will be used in successive campaigns, popularizing the DKMS Foundation in Poland.